Clutch and Brake Pad & Disc Repair or Replacement in Caldicot & Chepstow

Brakes and clutch problems are two of the most common issues car owners face. And as two important parts of the vehicle, you need to get them fixed quickly before you can get back on the road. Whether you are having difficulty changing gear or experiencing a strange noise when pressing the clutch, we will use our experience to diagnose the problem quickly. And if you are having problems with your brakes, whether the discs or pads need replacing, we can fix this quickly for you before further issues occur. With so many accidents occurring due to problems that could have been fixed quickly, it's so important to come and see us at DMS Autoservices in Caldicot as soon as possible when having clutch or brake issues.

You can simply inform us about what you have been experiencing in the vehicle and we will soon get your vehicle back up and running. We work with all vehicle makes and models, providing a high-quality service via our trained technicians. We ensure the repairs to your clutch and brake are for both a fair and competitive price and keep you in the loop from start to finish.

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