Vehicle Towbar Fitting in Caldicot & Chepstow

DMS Auto Services stocks only the best, most durable and trusted towbar brands.

A towbar is a device fitted to the chassis of a car to tow either a trailer or another vehicle, such as a caravan or motorhome. Towbars come in two styles, fixed and detachable, and there are a number of types, including swan neck and flange.

Many people find choosing a towbar confusing due to the different options available and the specifications of their vehicle. Most older makes and models of car are limited to certain towbar types, but modern vehicles generally have options for all styles.

The most common type of towbar in the UK is the flange towbar, where the tow ball is bolted to the bar with two bolts. This is the most versatile option because it can be used with accessories such as bicycle carriers, stabilisers and bumper protectors.

At DMS Auto Services, we’ll always be available to steer you towards the correct choice of towbar for your individual needs, and our personal experience means that we can offer advice that isn’t on the box. For those reasons and more, if you’re looking for a towbar in Caldicot, come to DMS Auto Services.

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